Where does it go?


I have now been inactive for a few months; the perils of coming up to retirement from filmmaking in the educational sphere.

When I say inactive, I mean purely in the maintenance of this blog. In the meantime I’ve learned to touch type and I have been selling off all my old cameras and kit in order to build resources for this small publishing venture.

I’ve also been doing a little background reading for the poem I am writing, and have been writing for the last few years. It is a very slow process and I’m in no hurry even if I never finish the damn thing.

Here’s a screenshot of some of the notetaking software I’ve been trialling whilst on my travels – it’s a little tease about some of the content of the research involved. I am using Scrivener, Scapple and Flowtelic for now. But I also maintain a paper Zettlekasten box and paper notebooks for all references I come across on the fly.