Illness and procrastination

Abba Zabba lyrics on Scrivener timeline cf to the god, Zababa, otherwise called Marduk.

The last few months have been filled with illness and then deep seated procrastination. That is about to change. With my last bout of food poisoning I am determined to get up and running once more.

I’m rounding up all the extant poems I have and am streamlining the research I’m doing before writing the rest.

My main tools are now definitely Scapple, Scrivener and Obsidian – I use an analog notebook but can OCR the handwriting from a handy device called a Rocketbook Notebook.

I have about 30 books on philology to work through and to take notes on – I’ve been reading them on and off for 5 – 10 years now. So here are some of the tasks I have to take in hand to make any progress:

  • Round up all poems on disparate devices
  • Renew the British Library Reader’s Pass
  • Co-ordinate use of digital resources Scapple, Scrivener, Obsidian + remote working on this blog.
  • Set an realistic deadline for finishing research
  • Continue learning the Affinity Publisher skills to typeset the whole damn thing
  • Start on the lino cuts
  • Get plenty of sleep and build in exercise routines

I guess that’ll be enough for the present time. With that last illness I did wonder if I would make it to 70. We’ll see.